The trip home

Some of you may know this part of the story. The two previous blogs start with my trip from Genoa Italy to home. Home this summer has been mostly in Gananoque Ontario Canada. Gateway to the Thousand Islands.

The adventure  of any trip is often not the destination but the trip itself. Not all trips are happy little tours and nobody wants to read that stuff anyways. In my opinion, people like adversity and misadventure over smooth sailing and endless scenic vistas.If thats the case, you may like the three blogs of which this is the last if the three.The first blog is called itinerary change.

I Just got back from an extended tour in Albenga Italy. Maybe the last for a while but time will tell. Paula is in Bishop for her school reunion that ends Oct.20. I am in Gananoque Ontario where my Mother and brother and two sisters also live. We will be celebrating Canuck Thanksgiving on Columbus Day if that makes sense.
Had a nightmare trip from Italy to Montreal. Several diverts and missed connections that had me in two different towns in Germany and concluded in Dulles where I missed my flight to Montreal. Montreal was where my truck was sitting in long term parking.
I got up to Montreal at 14:00 the next day which was the same time I would have arrived had I just left the next day from Genoa. I could have hung around the Genoa boat show for the day if I had only known.
Oh well, I made it to Montreal on Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and pushed through the crowds to the parking lot with my bags and could not load them in my truck.
There was no truck to load my bags in. After cruising the parking lot with two different security officers and much later a Montreal cop we managed to confirm what I knew 2 hours previously. My truck had been stolen.
No rental cars anywhere on a holiday weekend and no room at the Inn,or Motel or Hotel or well, you get it…
Managed to get the last seat on the train out of town to a town near where I had my trailer. The train broke down and we were finally on our way about 3 hours late. My sister Sherryl picked me up after midnight,bless her heart and after dropping my sister at her house I drove to my fifth wheel trailer.(with her truck) Thank you,thank you !
I fully expected that the thieves would have driven down to my trailer and hooked on with my truck and drove off at this point but my sister had been watching over the trailer in my absence and it was there.
So, here i am shopping online for another truck.The fancy hitch that I forked out 3500 dollars for; not insured,the roll top cover I added;not insured;the GPS in the truck;friggin ditto. What will my truck value at these days? Well, not what it would have a year ago before,diesel prices and the economy got ugly. I could calculate how much all this will cost me but why bother? Oh, and it was very entertaining calling my insurance agent. A couple of months previous I had the misfortune to have a tree fall on my now departed truck. Insurance forked out 9,000 for repairs. I paid the deductible and the cost get the tree off the truck. The RV park who I had prepaid for my stay would not cough up the money to have their tree removed from my truck. I will now be extending my stay at the RV park since I lack a suitable vehicle to tow my trailer away with. The RV park just may not see any further payment for the extra time of my over stay.
So , I called my insurance agent who naturally inquired if I was happy with the repairs to my truck, well, yes I had been, can imagine how the rest of the conversation went.
You can always check on my latest misadventures and stories on my blog @
If nothing else, reading about my life may make you feel better about your own.LOL !
So Thanksgiving in a couple of days. I have a lot to be thankful for and will celebrate the same with my family.

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Has it really been forty-seven years flying helicopters all over the world? I guess it's time to share some stories, I hope you enjoy my adventures.
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