A Rambling life just got pricey

No matter where we travel our home is usually always behind us. Thats how it goes with full time RV life. We have two RV’s now. The rather large 5th wheel and the rather small Class “C” Motorhome. They both have a separate purpose as their size difference would suggest.

It has been a great adventure traveling North and Central America but after this fall and winters trip that will take in the east coast of parts of Canada and the United States we will be done traveling extensively for a while.

There may be other Mexico trips but no more 3 and 4 thousand mile odysseys. At $5.25 a gallon our fuel bill alone is exceeding .50 a mile. Throw a dollar out the window every two miles.A friend asked me recently if I thought it wise to make our most recent trip up the west coast of the United States and then east to Ontario. It will be an expensive trip,he added. On the other hand I said,it will never be any cheaper either.

We have some alternate plans for travel and we will keep you posted. This spring as I sit in the seaside town of Alassio, Italy I can’t help checking out the sailboats. Wind power, now that is a lot cheaper than diesel fuel.Those Yanmar diesels in the sailboat burn 1/2 gallon per hour. Hmmm?

About Heligypsy

Has it really been forty-seven years flying helicopters all over the world? I guess it's time to share some stories, I hope you enjoy my adventures.
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