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Could be good

When you fly your own family members around you take special care to make sure that they have a positive experience. I don’t really know how many times I have flown my children in a helicopter. My oldest boy Adam, … Continue reading

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Too Risky?

I have a high risk occupation. My everyday job consists of flying a 9000 horse power helicopter down flaming hillsides dropping enough water or retardant in one load to injure or kill anyone accidentally struck with that volume of liquid. … Continue reading

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Just a thought

Their lives ended. One minute you’re talking over the intercom to your friend in the other seat in the helicopter,or walking your dog,telling him to get off the tracks, or your telling your wife that you love her, or kicking … Continue reading

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Still trying to figure it out

The beauty of the natural world surpasses anything man has yet created. It always will. Humans keep trying and in many cases man has constructed fantastic architectural¬† and artistic masterpieces.¬† Many of mans creations are built to house and celebrate … Continue reading

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