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I was talking to a new friend the other day about my job as a firefighting helicopter pilot. He asked me if the Erickson Air Crane that I flew was the largest fire fighting helicopter in the world. It is … Continue reading

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We can do better than this

The likelihood that you will make a poor landing is directly proportional to the number and significance of the people witnessing the event.Helicopters can be landed and should be landed smoothly on the exact spot intended. We have all made … Continue reading

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Too Risky?

I have a high risk occupation. My everyday job consists of flying a 9000 horse power helicopter down flaming hillsides dropping enough water or retardant in one load to injure or kill anyone accidentally struck with that volume of liquid. … Continue reading

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Would they ever have guessed?…conclusion

Landing number…who knows, how many with many more to come. My passengers are delighted by their short rides and although its the same circuit and the same comments “Ad nauseam”, I smile and tell my disembarking passengers that they are … Continue reading

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