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Flying Seismic

My teeth were chattering in time to the clacking diesel pickups idling behind us in the Motel parking lot. Thirty of us stood backs to the wind waiting for the morning safety meeting to begin. The wind whipped a combination … Continue reading

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Helicopter Pilot,does travel

I am going to end 2008 in a foreign country. We started 2008 in a foreign country, so that seems right. New Years 2008 was down in Belize and we spent a very enjoyable evening with new friends watching fireworks … Continue reading

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Team Travel

” Oh, the Riviera“, she repeated. Yes, well its not always the leisurely life on the Riviera, I chuckled. I looked over at the young lady from the book store, smiled at Paula and added, some times we are camped … Continue reading

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Some Days

The other night as the storm approached I went outside and pulled my hammock down and tucked it into storage. It had been a warm humid day and the towering cumulus had been building all through the late afternoon. This … Continue reading

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A smile for some friends

The Sayulita BusĀ  I was making another attempt at uploading some photos on to our webshots photo sharing program. The internet here in Albenga and Alassio Italy, that we have access to is very slow. Uploading photo’s is a painfully … Continue reading

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The Travelers View

The first stings had me jumping clear and quickly scraping the little tormentors away from my bare legs. Smiling, my friend chuckled and pointed down to the slightly larger mound I had landed on, “fire ants, they’re all around here”. … Continue reading

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A Rambling life just got pricey

No matter where we travel our home is usually always behind us. Thats how it goes with full time RV life. We have two RV’s now. The rather large 5th wheel and the rather small Class “C” Motorhome. They both … Continue reading

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Cinco de Mayo?

I don’t doubt it was May 5th today. I just don’t know where the last half of April went? The transition from Belize and Mexico time to U.S.A. and Canada time seemed to accelerate all of our days. When I … Continue reading

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Fitting In

California, Ontario, Manitoba, B.C., Washington, Idaho, Quebec, Oregon. Just a few of the license plates on the vehicles at our beautiful beach front campground. RV’s of every age and size. Its a hotel/campground actually and the place is split by … Continue reading

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