I seem to have hit a nerve

I wrote a blog a while ago about some firefighting I did in Northern Saskatchewan . I worked in many small towns and villages and most of them were pleasant experiences. A few towns were less than pleasant and one of them was Buffalo Narrows.


I referred to Buffalo Narrows as the shithead capitol of Northern Saskatchewan. That is how I perceived the place in 1989. I find that my perception of places is colored not so much by what I see, but from the people I meet in the place I am visiting.

Buffalo Narrows has no doubt changed over the years and perhaps for the better. I received several invitations to visit Buffalo Narrows to reacquaint myself with the area or to receive the beating I deserved for maligning the town.

To the few people who offered to show me around and allow me to view the town they love, Thank You. If I am ever back your way I’ll do just that.

To the vast majority of you who cursed me, threatened me, questioned my sobriety and my inability to date native women and accused me of using an alias, well what can I say. You are still very much like most of the foul mouthed drunks I met walking the streets of your sad little town.

Keith Gill

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Has it really been forty-seven years flying helicopters all over the world? I guess it's time to share some stories, I hope you enjoy my adventures.
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9 Responses to I seem to have hit a nerve

  1. I can’t find the post you are referring too, could you add a link to Buffalo Narrows post?


  2. Bob Lawrence says:

    Sounds like a nice place to pass on visiting.

  3. donperreault says:

    thanks, heading over to read in now.

  4. h mccallum says:

    ya you were probably hanging with those drunks and coudn’t nail a native chick. i live here and the drunks you are refering to number less than ten. we people in the north are very friendly until some white trash come into town thinking they are better than everyone else. i’m sure there is white trash where you live. so one question. what were you doing hanging with the drunks. ahole.. good thing the natives you were hitting on and struck out with were sober. i’m sure if you had one you would probably throw your wife away and bought a house.. your no better than anyone and you must have your head up your ass if you think you are.. good day prick read this well i heard you don’t like bad press.

  5. h mccallum says:

    you know gypsies are trash eh

  6. Mr. McCallum you are merely verifying what I already knew about many of you who have written from Buffalo Narrows.

  7. S Ericson says:

    I’m just wondering what kind of responses you expected to hear from the residents of a community you referred to as the “shithead capital of Norhtern Saskatchewan”, did you think that maybe people from the community couldn’t read. Did you expect a “thank you kind sir” . Of course people are angry, and for good reason, you come into a community, you come to party and make money, you’re not interested in the community or it’s residents, or anything at all about Buffalo Narrows. You have a bad experience, and maybe, just maybe, part of it was due to the racist superior attitude that comes out in your writing. When you`re travelling and your time is spent in bars, drinking, you meet a certain type of individual and since it sounds like this is what you sought out while in Buffalo Narrows, your experience in the community is limited to that, so to judge a whole community and it`s residents because of choices you made, seems a bit unfair, and to then take your opinion, and broadcast it on the worldwide web, to me, is the embodiment of ignorance. But the law allows ignorant people freedom of speech, so many idiots have blogs, racists. white supremacists, yeah, there`s no law against ignorance. So please do take people up on their invitation to visit our community, both for the tour and the beatings, because if you are man enough to hide behind a computer and make derogatory comments, you should be man enough to face the people you`ve offended.

  8. Keith Gill says:

    Mr Ericson, I read your letter with keen interest. My opinion of Buffalo Narrows was not formed by a single visit to your town. I have spent several weeks in Buffalo Narrows on several occasions and spent most of my evenings at the fire base.
    It may serve your thinking to categorize me as a person who spends each evening at the bar getting drunk and maligning the locals but such is not the case. I’ve worked in many towns in Northern Saskatchewan and almost all of the places I worked I enjoyed. Some towns were better and some were not so good but I unfortunately had bad experiences with folks in Buffalo Narrows. It could just have been that I ran into a lot of people I didn’t like and who didn’t like me. Buffalo Narrows may well be a fine community now but I have not been back for years and I’m not unhappy to say that I won’t likely be back. If even a few of the letters I received were like yours I could hold out some hope that things have changed in town but sadly most people were obnoxious and threatening, confirming my earlier opinion.
    As to hiding out behind a computer, I find that funny coming from someone who doesn’t identify himself in his letter. My blog is public, my name is on record in the blog and elsewhere on the internet. Should you wish to find me, I’m on facebook as is my phone number and address. If you feel I deserve a beating, feel free to drop by my place in Florida and we can see how that works out for you.
    Keith Gill

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