Retired ? No, not hardly

Setting up our RV in most RV Parks, folks come over to say Hi and see if you can use a hand with anything. Its just the way most RV people behave. After a few minutes of the usual where you from,where you headin’ and where you been, most people make the assumption that I’m retired. Other than the fact that I have trouble believing I look old enough for retirement ,I never mind the assumption. It is difficult for most folks,even the full time RV people, to get their heads around the way we live.

Our Office stays the same,just the view changes


Full time RV’ers are generally retired or working locally in the area that they are parked.The retirees can understand our moving around, although most of them tend to stay longer and travel less between stops than we do.The working full time RV’ers generally spend weeks or even months in one place and move along to the next assignment. When I tell people that we travel full time,live anywhere and seldom if ever work anywhere near where we are parked ,it takes them back. A minute explaining the international nature of my assignments, coupled with the fact that I seldom know from one month to the next where I will be working next ,starts to sink in.

One gentleman who heard our story ,told me that since we could live almost anywhere, we should pick that place and live there. His friend said, “why would they” ? “They can travel all over while they are still young”.

Yes, I agreed , if you like to travel, you should not wait till you are too old. Having traveled a lot ,the three of us all agreed, that travel is not only work ,its also not really for people who need to be near a health care facility.

So, no I am certainly not retired. I have just chosen to get my retirement travel done and out of the way while I am best able to do it.For my friends who plan their travel adventures some time after 65 or so, I say good for you. Come on down and visit us in Belize,Mexico and the Caribbean, by the time you are ready to travel ,we will have a nice place for you to visit. We ,won’t be going far from home for long. We will have been there and done that already.

Zoey, checks the new view out the office window


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Has it really been forty-seven years flying helicopters all over the world? I guess it's time to share some stories, I hope you enjoy my adventures.
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