Lucky you

I am not complaining. I like to write and travel, but it is hard to do both. Oh, poor you, you may be thinking!

Or you may be thinking worse than that. I would not blame you but as with most things, you really have to take a walk in the other persons shoes to see how that person’s life would be for you. I really admire people who travel and write about their experiences and make the event of those travels so interesting. Its a simple fact that it is a much easier task to write of travel misadventure than of glorious times. We arm chair travelers prefer travel adversity and misadventure tales and so I write hesitantly my next lines.

It has been a great experience to study United States history by traveling in Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. So, let me put my little plug in for a trip to D.C.  at a minimum. If you or any of your children have a chance to visit Washington D.C. and have a day or two to spend, it will be time well spent. A week in D.C. would be a very full week and allotting less time will work if you want to whet your appetite for later visits. No matter what your nationality, religion or beliefs there can be no better place to see how this greatest experiment in democracy began.

As a Canadian with undefined religious leanings I have studied and visited my own countries origins in places like Ottawa, Kingston, Montreal and Quebec city. Visits to Greece have been helpful in understanding the early concepts of democracy and I am happy to have had the time to tour Greece. History allowed the visionaries of their day in what was to become the United States to indeed form a more perfect union.

If you want to see where the history of the United States began and really develop an appreciation for the genius of the men and women who started this great nation and continue today then come here and learn.

If nothing else, as Americans, you will gain an appreciation of just how lucky you are to call this country home.

About Heligypsy

Has it really been forty-seven years flying helicopters all over the world? I guess it's time to share some stories, I hope you enjoy my adventures.
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1 Response to Lucky you

  1. JA Huber says:

    I admire those who can travel and write, too. It’s tiring. I love DC and can’t wait ’til Jan. to be there with thousands, maybe a million (?) other Americans to celebrate Obama’s inauguration.

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