Going Back

Would we find my little cabin/ cottage home of 50 some years ago ? It was an old place when I lived there as a child so I could not be sure it would be still standing.The GPS on the truck had allowed us to take the old highway across from Highway 11 to Dwight. Beautiful lake country with old cottages and newer homes, boat houses and small islands just the way I had remembered them.

In the little four corners of Dwight we stopped at the old Grocery store and asked the lady if she had perhaps known the people whose place I had lived at so many years ago ? Charlie and Dorothy Thompson had owned the farm we lived on and I hoped that lady in the store may have known them. Sorry ,she said but that was before her time. There was a road called Charlie Thompson road though, would we like directions?

I got the directions and frankly they were the same as the directions my Mother had given me some hours earlier without mentioning the obvious. The road was named after the man I had called Uncle Charlie.

We drove the road and although it is a paved road now it looked familiar as we climbed the hill towards the lake. And there it was. Charlie and Dorothy’s cabin the barns and our little place sitting there looking exactly the same as it had when I lived there 51 years ago.The new road goes closer to our little house and the apple orhard is gone but everything else is the same.The old barn looks as sound as the day it was built and the number 1897 above its door attest to its vintage. It appears nobody lives in our little cottage now and peering inside I could not believe how small a place it had been. Just right for a young family of three in 1957.

So many memories here. Paula took photos as I walked around the property. I couldn’t find the spring and water trough and the out house is gone and likely not missed but really not much has changed. I know Charlie passed away years ago but what about Dorothy? She would be in her nineties if she is still alive and there should be relatives. It will be Monday tomorrow and I’ll do some checking. We drove from Dwight to Huntsville to check on my other old house on Fairy Ave. Not the most macho address in the world but the street climbs a small hill and descends to the shore of Fairy Lake. Pretty little street with an old restored brick house at the bottom, FOR SALE, hmmm?

Thompson Real Estate.I am thinking that there may be a connection here.

We drove past what I think was my other old house but I am not sure. In town we searched and found a nice Motel for the night. I was humming an old Harry Chapin song as we walked to dinner later that evening.

“All my life’s a circle”.  Yes it is.

About Heligypsy

Has it really been forty-seven years flying helicopters all over the world? I guess it's time to share some stories, I hope you enjoy my adventures.
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2 Responses to Going Back

  1. Debbe says:

    Life is a circle!

    Love your perspective… even though you’re a “realist/pessimist”. I like how you reconize that you may not be the most “joyful” person to be around at times.

    And this Scott guy sounds like the kind of friend to have around!

    I’m glad you are smiling now.

  2. JA Huber says:

    Oh, wow! So glad you were able to find them. Is it a sign that there’s a FOR SALE sign? Hmm….

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