Cinco de Mayo?

I don’t doubt it was May 5th today. I just don’t know where the last half of April went? The transition from Belize and Mexico time to U.S.A. and Canada time seemed to accelerate all of our days.

When I last wrote anything, way back on April 14th, we had just arrived in Bishop CA. and started our mad scramble to get the Belize backlog of tasks tackled. A week later with taxes, sales, meetings, chores, mail and visits completed we convoyed out of Bishop to Reno Nevada. It had not been our intent to drive both RV’s North but thats what happened. Our little Belize Motorhome had not sold, so with the promise of a buyer in Oregon we drove north to our address in Tumwater Washington. Oregon was on the way and Oregon meant a stop in Central Point to talk to some old friends and new bosses who are in fact the same people.

The Oregon sale fell through on the RV. I was hired or rehired or welcomed back to fly for big Orange again. I must say, I really like the direction the company is trying to go these days.

We convoyed on up to Washington and got our business done there as well. All good, except no sale on the little Motorhome which I used to motor on up and over to Nanaimo B.C. Good to see the Canadian operation of Big Orange and visit with some great folks. The weather reminded me why we spent the winter flying in Belize. Rain, snow,sleet, hail, bigger hail and lightning in 90 minutes followed by sun and light breezes as I sat waiting to hop the Duke Point ferry back to the mainland.

Next day was pack up and store day. The little Motorhome can sit in Tumwater for the fire season. We will use it again on September 12 or so when my second oldest boy gets married just a few miles south in Vancouver Washington. Later it can begin its journey south to Bishop CA. and standby till my next time off when the snow in the mountains whispers that its time to slide south.

The little C-Sport is a perfect Baja cruiser and with a 3 and 3 rotation we can maybe even get down to Sayulita or Lake Chapala. Belize will happen again too, but its a fly and drive or fly and sail only when your window is 3 weeks. Its all good.

The sunset was a good one here tonight. The RV park that we rolled the truck and 5th wheel into isn’t the kind of place you would vacation but it will do. Its been great the past 4 1/2 days traveling with the two of us in the same vehicle. Paula shares the driving, googles interesting places to stop on the computer and we pick the places that interest us and check them out. I like the high tech geeky travel. We have the GPS going, the road Atlas for backup. The computer uses cell coverage for highspeed connection about 90% of the time. Paula has up for attractions, mapquest, google earth, weather, RV sites and cell phones or skype telephone. The Moms and siblings sometimes get on the video chats and we yack along with the back drop of the Cascade Mountains or the Black Hills flashing by as we cruise down the Interstates and Highways.

The route has been Washington, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming(wee bit), Minnesota, Wisconsin and now we’re about 30 miles west of Chicago, which is in Illinois as most of you know. Some cool places visited, including the Little Big Horn Battlefield and tomorrow, Toledo Ohio!

Even our friends who we are visiting in Toledo asked why anyone would come to Toledo? To visit friends who happen to live on the way to my Mothers house was the answer, and to drive on to Cleveland where I have always wanted to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. There may be other reasons to visit Cleveland but I can’t think of any. The tourist info for Cleveland tries hard to get you interested but I am not much of a sports or nautical history guy. So, I’ll limit my local history to Rock and Roll. Next week its Williamsburg, Richmond, Mt. Vernon, the National Mall, the Smithsonians and all that. American History of the highest order in Washington D.C and area.

After that its back to Canada and a visit to Ottawa and the Parliament buildings. History and Politics weeks with the Borderline gypsies. Hope to see more of you all this spring and summer. Did I mention we will be in Italy this summer. Come visit us. Italy is Bellisimo !

About Heligypsy

Has it really been forty-seven years flying helicopters all over the world? I guess it's time to share some stories, I hope you enjoy my adventures.
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