Just traveling in bigger circles

Can anyone remember the movie or book that had the following lines?

“Is it really you? Been so long since we’ve seen you, we figured you were dead?”

“No, just travelin’ in bigger circles.” came the reply.

I hear Sam Elliots voice saying the reply, but that doesn’t mean much. If the guy in any book I am reading is cool, I give him Sam’s voice. Don’t most guys want to sound like Sam Elliot?

This March I started back working for Erickson and Canadian Air -Crane again. Third time is a charm? I finished my contract with them in October and I may go back in April, so we will see what happens on my fourth time back,maybe ? In April I was walking around Erickson’s huge facility and ran into a mechanic I had not seen for some years. We last worked together in 1999 in Australia.He told me that I should get around the hangar more often ,not realizing that I had worked contracts for about four helicopter companies since we had last talked. Its the nature of the helicopter business that many pilots only get back to their main place of employment once or twice a year. In that years time we may fly one helicopter or a dozen for the company in one state or province or perhaps as many as five different countries. It depends on the company and where they need you. I like to move around. I also like to fly different helicopters doing different types of flying. The last two years I have flown S-61’s,Bell UH-1H’s, Uh-1B’s,Super 204’s,Hiller 12E’s,MD 500’s,Bell 206, Bell LongRangers, Sikorsky Sky Cranes , Erickson Air Cranes and Bell 212’s . I sometimes don’t remember where all I’ve been unless I check back in my logbook.I definitely remember that its been mostly good times with good people. This time of the year I like to think back on the people we have met and the many places we have visited. Paula remembers all the names and I remember all the faces. The where and when we visited with all of our friends, both old and new is also Paula’s forte. The details of events and other minutia is both my strength and curse. Why can I recall the details of my last conversation with a person without remembering their name ? Good thing Paula travels with me. Hi there guy with the 42′ Catamaran,just doesn’t sound as good as nice to see you again, Rob.

So next blog will be 2007 in review. Happy New Year to all the great people we got to see and especially to those we didn’t get to lay our eyes on as of yet Its a big circle and we are just part way round. See you in 2008. Be well.

About Heligypsy

Has it really been forty-seven years flying helicopters all over the world? I guess it's time to share some stories, I hope you enjoy my adventures.
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2 Responses to Just traveling in bigger circles

  1. Laura says:

    Sam Eliot never got the recognition he deserved.

    As a woman, I wish all men were Sam Eliot, although that could be … tiresome.

    Don’t know the lines but the first thing that came to mind was John D. MacDonald’s Travis McGee which was played by Sam Eliot in the television movie The Empty Copper Sea.

    Whadya think?

  2. You may be correct but I still can’t find the lines.
    Thanks for the lead or maybe mislead. The fun is in the search.

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