Belize, where to start?

Start by accepting Belize for what it is. It’s a very young country. Belize is just 26 years old. There are problems here similar and familiar to any developing nation. Not a day goes by here that I don’t thank the cosmic wheel of fortune that placed me in the lucky sperm club from Canada.

If you live in North America anywhere under any circumstances you can come down to Belize and be rich by comparison. You still will probably be in no way as happy as most local people you meet here.

“They are just so happy to have a country” , one man told me.

I hope it stays that way. It probably will not. Economic disparity is not a new concept in Belize. The British mostly left in 1981 and you can only imagine the hopes and dreams that must have followed. What a surprise to find that the country was again controlled by foreigners and a few wealthy locals. About 6 families control most of the businesses in Belize.One example is beverages,soda,water,beer,etc.. one company, Bowen and Bowen.If you drink something in Belize they probably sold it.The phone company. A monopoly.If you are old enough you can remember when we had Bell Telephone and that was it. Same here.Belize Telecommunications Limited. Voice over the internet protocols like Skype ,MSN or Vonage. Blocked ! You can pay BTL $ .55/min for in country calls and like it.

I don’t know what long distance calls cost from Belize but I won’t be paying what ever it is.We have a voice over the internet plan that originates from a former occupying country.It seems that the Belizean government decided to bill the British Consulate several million for using an independent long distance call system. The Brits told them to politely forget the bill and devised a way around the BTL monopoly. I won’t dare say what it is online, but God Save the Queen !

When it comes to natural beauty ,Belize has an abundance. I hope it stays that way. It probably will not. Next blog will be about Belize’s natural beauty. Where to start?

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Has it really been forty-seven years flying helicopters all over the world? I guess it's time to share some stories, I hope you enjoy my adventures.
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